Accordia™ Shades Guide

A Shade More Efficient

Loss of energy through windows can account for 10 to 20 percent of a home's heating and cooling costs. Only Levolor provides a full line of energy efficient, beautifully matched fabrics that easily blend and coordinate with your existing home décor. When choosing a cellular shade for your home, both R-Value and solar heat gain (SHGC) should be considered since both factors are used to calculate how a shade can reduce your heating and cooling costs. Levolor's exclusive Energy Shield™ works to address both. Energy Shield provides additional insulation and eliminates air flow through the shade while providing filtered light. It comes standard on our Sheer Efficiency™ collection and can be added to our Light Filtering Designer Textures and Designers Colours Collections.

Exclusive Energy Shield™

energy shield

Our exclusive Energy Shield™ provides additional insulation to help block air, reducing your heating and cooling costs year round. Energy Shield™ comes standard in our Sheer Efficiency™ Collection and is also available on Light Filtering Designer Textures and Light Filtering Designer Colours Collections.

In warmer months, Energy Shield™:

  • Eliminates air flow through the shade
  • Blocks interior cooled air from escaping

In colder months, Energy Shield™:

  • Eliminates air flow through the shade
  • Provides additional insulation
  • Allows warmth and filtered light from the sun

Sheer Efficiency™ Collection

sheer efficiency

Levolor's Sheer Efficiency™ Collection is the perfect product for colder climates. It provides the right blend of R-Value and SHGC to provide a product suited for cold climates, by both blocking out cold air and allowing natural sunlight to help heat your room.

The many benefits of Sheer Efficiency™ include:

  • May reduce annual energy costs
  • Naturally heats interiors using the sun's warmth
  • Blocks incoming cold air


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