Innovative Window Blinds, Fashions & Coverings

Technological innovations can be really helpful when it comes to simplifying your routines. At LEVOLOR, not only are our blinds, shades, and shutters backed by a century of quality, but our style and innovations are also leading the way in the industry. Get the design aesthetic you want with a beautiful performance to match. Talk about a win-win! Here are four window innovations that can elevate any room.

Motorized Sheer Shadings

LEVOLOR Sheer Shadings’ vanes diffuse and soften incoming light while still allowing a beautiful view to the outside, so you can get the look of a shade with the light control of a blind. With our motorized option, you can schedule them to lift, lower, or tilt on a time schedule or adjust them on a whim with just a simple click.

Top-Down/Bottom-Up Cellular Shades

Create a cozy environment with top-down/bottom-up LEVOLOR Cellular Shades. Raise your shade from the bottom or lower from the top to create the privacy level you prefer while brightening the room. These energy-efficient shades feature a honeycomb design that traps air in pockets to help reduce unwanted airflow. This makes your home even more comfortable while adding some much-needed privacy. Brighten a room without letting the world in.

Cordless Real Wood Blinds

Get rid of cords once and for all. Stop worrying about bothersome, dangling cords being a danger to your kids and pets with cordless LEVOLOR Real Wood Blinds. These blinds offer a clean look and operate effortlessly with a simple lift up or pull down.

Banded Roller Shades

LEVOLOR Banded Roller Shades offer the ultimate versatility for window coverings. Their modern look and function come together to create striking views in your home. Banded shades consist of alternating bands of sheer and solid fabrics you can choose from to create a view that’s open, closed, or somewhere in-between. And with our gorgeous, vast color palettes, you can design a bold or more subtle look with light-filtering or room-darkening fabrics.

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