Trim+Go Blinds & Shades: Quick Start Guide

Home renovations projects can feel like an endless process. But what if we turned those weeks and months into… a day? For window solutions when you need it now, LEVOLOR Trim+Go™ has got your covered.

Breathe a little life into your new living or office space by covering up those boring, bare windows with our newest line of affordable and stylish blinds and shades. With only the most popular colors and finishes across 10 versatile categories, there’s a Trim+Go product sure to fit your home’s style.

Let’s get started!

1) How to Shop

Just go to to browse our Trim+Go collection. Make sure to check out our measuring guide for help measuring your windows, ensuring your new blinds or shades will fit properly.

2) How to Pick the Right Product for you

The key to finding the right product is to identify your main need for one. Our Trim+Go collection combines form and function to create products that work hard and look beautiful. So which product is best for you?


For spacious rooms that are hard to insulate...
Trim+Go Cellular Shades: These are an easy way to make your home more energy-efficient, and stylish to boot. The honeycomb design traps air in pockets, preventing it from entering or leaving through your windows for year-round comfort

For maximum privacy and darkness…
Shades in Room Darkening Fabrics (Cellular and Roller): Don’t let the creeping sun stop you from catching those extra precious morning Zzz’s in the bedroom. Room darkening fabrics provide the most light control and privacy.

For when you want to protect the view…
Solar Roller Shades OR 2.5” Faux Wood Blinds: For the more scenic vistas in your home, solar shades block heat and glare without obstructing your view while the larger slates on our 2.5” faux wood blinds provide a grander outside view.


For when you want your window treatment to blend in...
Trim+Go White Faux Wood Blinds: A simple upgrade, white faux wood blinds create a clean look that seamlessly blends into rooms with white walls and/or white window trims. Or, if you want to give your windows a little aesthetic boost, try them in gray for a more subtle approach.

For homes with warmer accents...
Walnut Faux Wood Blinds OR Toffee Cellular Shades: The darker colors of walnut faux wood and toffee cellular pair nicely against rich wood flooring and furniture. They’ll help bring out those warmer tones to create an inviting atmosphere and make the room feel fuller.

3) How to Buy

Now that you’ve found your home’s missing piece of the puzzle, just head over to your local Lowe’s store for hassle-free shopping. Each of our Trim+Go products have been assigned a bright and bold color you can pick out from a glance. Just look for the box with the corresponding colored band of your chosen blind or shade in the LEVOLOR aisle.

While shopping, you can have your new blind or shade sized to your windows’ exact width on our exclusive state-of-art machines. And since our blinds and shades are so easy to install, you can do it yourself all in the same day. Seriously, you got this. Check out one of our how-to videos for step-by-step guidance.

And there you go. One, quick way to spruce up your space scratched off your list.

Let’s review and quickly break it down once more time...

To Recap

Shop: Visit for measuring tips and start browsing styles.
Select: Pick a blind or a shade, pick your style, pick a color or finish.
Size: Visit your local Lowe’s, size in store, install it yourself, and...

Enjoy! Home renovation made simple and easy with LEVOLOR Trim+Go.

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