Interior Design Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Create a beautifully coordinated look throughout your home with custom blinds and shades from LEVOLOR®. From your foyer to your living room, matching or coordinating window coverings can help you pull the overall look of your home together.

LEVOLOR® makes it easy to choose window coverings that seamlessly work together. Our broad range of matching or coordinating finishes and fabrics give you options for every room in your home while still meeting your privacy and light control needs.

Here are a few tips from our design experts to help you get started:

Create a Whole-House Plan

Start with your main living areas and work your way through the rest of your home. Identify each room's purpose as well as its style and functional needs. Note windows that are visible from adjoining rooms and think of finishes or colors that will work throughout.

Coordinate With Woods

With real and faux wood blinds, it’s easy to create a consistent design throughout your home. Beautiful, lightweight real wood blinds are available in an unsurpassed palette of rich finishes and are ideal for living rooms or bedrooms, spaces where you need flexible light control. Our durable, moisture-resistant faux wood blinds work exceptionally well in spaces with high humidity, filling all for your bathroom and kitchen needs to complete the look.

Create a Softer Look

If your aim is to create a softer vibe, dress up your windows with elegant roman shades. Available in richly hobbled or contemporary flat fold styles, they add a beautifully tailored look to any space. For rooms where you need to adjust for sunlight frequently throughout the day, upgrade your windows with versatile sheer shadings. They combine the functionality of a blind with the look of a shade to match your home’s sophisticated interior style.

Go Modern

Minimalist designs offer a clean and modern look. With three roller shade styles from LEVOLOR to choose from, you can easily mix and match fabrics and finishes while still maintaining a cohesive style structure. Place UV-blocking solar fabrics in your sunrooms, eye-catching banded shades in your living room, and room darkening fabric shades in your bedrooms for a better night’s rest. With a vast array of colors and prints to choose from, it’s an easy way to create living spaces that feel consistent, connected, and inspiring.

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