Whether it’s sophisticated fabrics or natural textures, maintaining the beauty of Roman Shades and Natural Shades is easy by following these simple guides for proper cleaning and care.

For regular cleaning, follow our common ways for cleaning and care, which consists of dusting, vacuuming with a brush attachment (Roman Shades only) or using a can of compressed air (Natural Shades only).

  • For spot cleaning, use warm water and a mild soap, like Woolite® or Scotchgard®. Avoid contact with window cleaning products as they may discolor your window treatment. Do not use solvents or abrasive solutions to clean.

Color Variation - LEVOLOR Natural Shades are created using natural products, which means no two strands of grass, bamboo, or reeds are exactly the same - making every shade truly unique. Slight color, grain, and texture variations should be expected and cherished for their unique beauty.

Stretching and Shrinking - Natural woven fabric will be affected by temperature and humidity. Shipping and handling may cause a slight change in shade lengths, and slight shrinkage, stretching and warping may occur over time. Material stretching may be more noticeable on inside mounts.

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