Sheer Shadings are inherently durable and resilient while providing elegant light transformation. However, these beautiful and versatile sheer shades need proper cleaning and care to prevent the 100% polyester fabric from wrinkling, particularly where the vanes meet the facings.

For regular cleaning, follow our common ways for cleaning and care, which consists of dusting, vacuuming with a brush attachment or using a can of compressed air.

  • Do NOT spot-clean your Sheer Shadings.
  • For professional cleaning, contact a cleaning service which will inject a cleaning solution into the fabric and extract the dirt at the same time. This is typically performed at home so there is no need to remove your shades. A dry method of injection/extraction is required for light-dimming fabrics. Never immerse the headrail in the solution.

    For ultrasonic cleaning, Sheer Shadings can be professionally cleaned with the exception of light-dimming fabrics. Specify that a mild detergent solution be used. Never immerse the headrail in the solution. Dry the shading completely in the lowered position.

    Do not use electrostatic wipes on any sheer shades.

A Note About Fabrics - As with all textiles, Sheer Shading fabrics are subject to some variations. Slight wrinkling, puckering, or bowing is inherent to this textile product and should be considered normal, acceptable quality. These characteristics are not usually visible from the front or rear but may be visible from a side angle. Precautions should be taken to reduce exposure to harsh environmental elements, such as salt air. Continuous exposure through open windows and doors will accelerate the fabric deterioration.

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