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Can I affix a valance to the back of my panel track headrail as well as the front?

No, valances can be affixed to...

Tags: general panel track valance

Sep 10, 2015

Why doesn't my cornice/valance match the wood of my blinds exactly?

Because wood is a natural prod...

Tags: blind valance wood

Sep 10, 2015

Why doesn’t my wood blind valance have returns?

Only blinds ordered with the o...

Tags: blind replacements returns valance wood

Sep 10, 2015

Do Roman shades with the fabric valance option require any clearance above the headrail?

No clearance is needed above t...

Tags: roman shade valance

Nov 30, 2017

Can natural shades be ordered with a finished edge valance?

No, the finished edge option i...

Tags: natural shade valance

Nov 30, 2017

Why is the headrail a different colour than the slats in my wood blind?

Levolor uses four different he...

Tags: blind general headrail valance wood

Nov 30, 2017

What is the maximum width for natural shade separate shade valances?

Separate shade valances are av...

Tags: natural shade valance

Feb 22, 2019

What valance options are available for natural shades with Top Down/Bottom Up lift?

Top Down/Bottom Up natural sha...

Tags: natural shade tdbu valance

Jan 13, 2020

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