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Control light and privacy with a simple click. LEVOLOR® motorization uses the “Favorite” feature to set up to 3 shading groups to a preferred position.

  • A single window shading can be in a group of its own, or be put into multiple groups. Up to 3 groups can be programmed.
  • Operate multiple shades simultaneously or individually.
  • The ALL button is used to select all programmed groups for simultaneous oeration.
  • Tilt vanes open and closed, and lift the shadings using the remote control.
  • Perfect for large or hard-to-reach windows.
  • Absence of dangling cords makes this a safer options for homes with children and pets.


Power Source Options

Standard Battery Pack

The standard power source with the Sheer Shading motorized operating system. It fits most inside, outside, or side mount installations. The battery pack allows batteries to be changed without removing the window covering from the window. 12 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries are included with initial order. Battery life is approximately one year, depending on usage. Replace batteries when the window covering(s) begin to operate slowly.

Satellite Battery Pack

An optional power source that allows the battery pack to be mounted on the top of a headrail, next to molding or under the sill. It is the best choice when the window covering is mounted in a high window, restricting access to the battery pack. Must be selected at time of order. Available in 4 wire lengths: 15 inches, 4 feet, 10 feet, 20 feet. Satellite battery pack cover can be painted. 12 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries are included with initial order. Battery life is approximately one year, depending on usage. Replace batteries when the window covering(s) begin to operate slowly.


Remote Control Overview


  1. Joining a window covering to a GROUP is what connects a window covering to an individual remote and allows the remote to communicate with the window covering, so the window covering will follow the remote commands. A window covering will not operate with the remote unless it is assigned to a GROUP.
  2. Each LEVOLOR remote offers 3 GROUP assignments designated by buttons numbered 1, 2, and 3 on the remote.
  3. A GROUP can consist of a single window covering or be comprised of multiple window coverings assigned to that particular GROUP button. Window coverings assigned to the same GROUP will operate at the same time when functions are selected on the remote. There is no limit to the number of window coverings you can assign to a given GROUP. If you want a window covering to operate independently of other window coverings, it must be added to a GROUP of its own. A window covering can be added to more than one GROUP on the same remote (or separate remotes). Once the window coverings have been joined to a GROUP, the remote will operate your window covering.


  1. Setting FAVORITE(S) stores a preferred position for each individual window covering and recalls the stored position when the FAVORITES button is selected. (Favorites button is designated by the heart ♥ symbol.) Each window covering can have ONLY ONE FAVORITE position. Upon arrival, each of your window coverings will be set to the default FAVORITE position, which is half way down with vanes closed. You can re-program each shade to your FAVORITE position.
  2. NOTE: The FAVORITE position for a given window covering is stored in the window covering itself. The favorite position is always the same regardless of which GROUP or GROUPS the window covering is assigned to or which remote you use. If you set a FAVORITE with one remote on one shade and then overwrite it with another FAVORITE position with a different remote, you will only have the FAVORITE as set by the last remote. From now on, any remotes programmed to that shade will trigger the same FAVORITE position.

To operate the shade using the remote control

  1. Press the GROUP button and then the desired function. You can operate more than one group at a time, by pushing multiple GROUP buttons and then pushing desired function. (As an example, you could press GROUP buttons 1 & 3 in succession and then select the function OPEN, and all window coverings assigned to GROUPS 1 & 3 will open.) You can also press the ALL button and then select the function, and all shades assigned to all GROUPS will perform the function you selected.
  2. To operate the window covering using the FAVORITE function, press the GROUP button and then select the FAVORITES button. You can also select multiple GROUP buttons and then press the FAVORITES button, or you can press ALL and then press the FAVORITE button.