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  1. Vertical Blinds
      • Vertical blind vanes are ideal for covering large windows or doors • Choose from fabric, natural, faux wood or faux textured vanes to add a custom decorative look • Available in 121 finishes; fits windows or doors 13-1/8"-188-3/8" wide and 8-3/4"-144" tall
  2. Soft Vertical Shades
      • Combines the soft look of sheers with the added light control of blinds • Unique design layers sheer, drapery-style fabric over vertical blind vanes • Softly filters natural light when vanes are open, or close vanes to block light and enhance privacy • Available in 16 fabrics; fits windows 13-1/8"-144" wide and 12"-144" tall
  3. Panel Track
      • Sliding fabric panels are ideal for covering large windows or doors • Can also be used as a stunning room divider • Matching fabrics available in Natural Shades and Solar Screens collections to give you a coordinated look throughout your home • Available in 72 fabrics; fits windows 48"-192" wide and 12"-144" tall